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Dr. Peter Suedfeld – on R.E.S.T therapy in the floatation tank

In the 1960’s systematic research programs appeared exploring effects of basic psychological and psychophysiological processes.
During the next decade the 1970’s attention also moved to the use of the technique in psychotherapy, health psychology and behavioural medicine. By 1980 Rod Borrie and I had coined the term R.E.S.T. to replace in inaccurate and somewhat scary term sensory deprivation. Researchers in many active laboratories had established that chamber rest has the following beneficial health effects.

It is an unusually powerful tool in smoking cessation, even more so when paired with another effective treatment and reduces relapse rates dramatically.
It reduces alcohol intake in borderline alcoholics.

It reduces phobic reactions; it is effective in weight reduction among over weight subjects. It reduces the symptoms of acute LCD and PCP psychosis, autism, schizophrenia and disorientation in Alzheimer patients. It reduces memory loss after electroconvulsive treatment.

1970’s were also the decade when floatation rest became prominent after John Lilly invented the (float) tank in which dissolved Epsom salts allowed people to relax in shallow skin temperature water.

You all know how the tank works but you may not all be aware of its established uses… here’s a list of effects found in anything from one to a dozen or more studies:

  • Reduced physiological signs of stress and tension, blood pressure, stress hormones, heart rate and so on.
  • Improvement in positive mood states reduced psychological, anxiety and subjective stress. Increase spontaneous recall of pleasant autobiographical memories,
  • decrease in chronic tension headaches,
  • decrease in chronic pain from various causes, including rheumatoid arthritis and pre menstrual syndrome.
  • Decrease severity of obsessive compulsive symptoms.
  • Decreased muscle tension amongst cerebral palsy patients.
  • Increases in perceptual motor performers in pilot training and athletic tasks such as basket ball, ski racing, darts, rifle marksmanship and tennis….
  • And enhancement of other treatment methods including medical hypnosis and meditation.

Dr. Peter Suedfeld has been actively working in the field of psychology for over 50 years. With a Ph.D. from Princeton University, Dr. Suedfeld has spent a his career studying human being’s reactions to coping with the world around them. He is one of the pioneering researchers in the field of REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy), and was the founding President of IRIS (the International REST Investigators Society). His research continues to be a foundation of knowledge on REST, and its effects on the human condition.

Doctors say:
“Floatation offers my patients a wonderful passive therapy that provides the opportunity to accelerate healing, reduce stress, and alleviate pain and suffering.  In my practice, improvement in spinal and extremity mobility is paramount and floatation is an integral component for many of my patient’s treatment plans.  As a side bar, my wife and I regularly float for our own optimal health and wellness and have also experienced all of the above mentioned benefits.
-Dr. Michael Glaskin Clay DC, Buffalo Grove , IL
“It was a great experience. The pain I was experiencing is practically non-existent. I highly recommend Aguasal Floatation Center for all my patients. The relaxation that occurs allows for a more successful physical therapy treatment. Patients who have pain have not been able to fully relax since the pain occurred. Floatation helps them achieve and maintain this.”Teri Elliott-Burke, Women’s Physical Therapy Institute in Lake Zurich
I have had 3 patients come in to float and it has made excellent differences. Some of the applications I have sent them for are shingles onset, facet syndrome, disc herniations, chronic low back pain. As for myself one of the greatest benefits I had was a wonderful detox. Just living around the Chicagoland area, floating benefits everyone by detoxing the body prior to winter.Dr. Heather Wiesnewski DC, Glen Ellyn , IL
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how favorable I believe your float tanks to be.  I first tried it out for myself and found it to be relaxing, rejuvenating, and the next day my bowels were functioning extremely well eliminating the toxins that I believe had been pulled from my body, collected on fiber in the intestines, and eliminated.The next step was to begin telling selected patients about floating.  The ones that I chose were patients with chronic disc problems, chronic muscle soreness, those high in toxicity of either chemical and/or emotion.  All the feedback I received from those who floated was very favorable, so now I mention it to everyone.In my opinion floating is a tool in preventative medicine.  Floating can help anyone no matter where they are on the health scale. One just has to accept that they are responsible for their health and do what their body needs, to maintain a joyful state of health. Floating is also an easy way to help bring ones pH back to balance.  pH is crucial to good health and most Americans are extremely acidic, which is a haven for diseases to grow. Thank you for your services! Dr. Sherry L. Bresnahan DC, Barrington, IL
There’s no sound and the water is heated up to body temperature so there’s nothing to interfere with your sensory experience, and so it allows your body just to relax and calm down, and that’s what enables the body to heal.Dr. Darren Weissman DC, Northbrook , IL

From a professional point of view, floating pulls minerals into the body to nourish tense and sore muscles. It’s a wonderful natural way of integrating soothing body care with great biochemistry. Enjoy- it’s great for your body and soul!Dr. Marcia Schmidt, Fox River Grove , IL
My first float was wonderful. All stress was reduced to zero. It’s truly a unique experience that everyone should try.Dr. David Fiedler DC, Arlington Heights , IL